Hunky Dory (work in progress: 4/28/23)

Animals and humans share one planet. It's all good.


Hunky Dory - Written, Mixed & Performed by Béla Fleck for My Bluegrass Heart (Renew Records/BMG)

And featuring Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Mark Schatz, Edgar Meyer, & Tony Trischka.
Recorded by Richard Battaglia; Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound



Animal life intersects with human existence in this meticulously animated visual smorgasbord, moving and morphing in perfect time to the banjo music of Béla Fleck and his bandmates in My Bluegrass Heart.

Bees make honey; we put honey in a bear shaped jar. California condors share the sky with jet liners. Humans produce garbage made out of plastic; raccoons dig through our garbage. People cut down forests but some animals are resilient. An owl shares the same tree branch as a child's swing. Hermit crabs armor themselves with shells; knights do likewise. A skunk makes a stink; a factory makes a bigger stink. Beavers make small dams; people make big ones. A rodent flees a predator, finding safety in a human home. The home has a wallpaper design inspired by flowers; bees pollinate flowers. A woodpecker calls for a mate by pounding on a telephone pole; we just use the phone.

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