Lost Lula

This is my cat's favorite movie.

2020, 3 minutes, hand drawn on iPad with Apple Pencil
Music composed and performed by Pharis and Jason Romero

For now, just a preview. When the film is done with festivals I'll release the whole thin

If you have the password, you can watch the whole film now.


I like to draw beautiful music.

Barn swallows appear throughout the film for two reasons. I began work on this piece in the spring of 2019, just as a family of barn swallows were building a mud nest under an eave near the door of my studio. They'd make a racket every time I went in or out, and soon I began photographing them in flight. The photos inspired me to animate them. Secondly, my connection to the musicians who created Lost Lula began years ago with an illustration of mine called Barn Swallow.