Hunky Dory

When we are in harmony with the beauty of nature, and the moon is as round as a banjo, that's when you know everything is hunky dory.

2024, 6 minutes, 4320 index cards

Hunky Dory - Written, Mixed & Performed by Béla Fleck

for My Bluegrass Heart (Renew Records/BMG)
And featuring Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Mark Schatz, Edgar Meyer, & Tony Trischka. Recorded by Richard Battaglia; Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

"While you may be able to watch this film on your phone, tablet or laptop, there is no substitute for seeing these little drawings projected on a large movie screen where the subtle details, textures and transformations can be truly appreciated!"

"The artwork here is really great and superbly tells the tale of nature vs. industry."

~Dances With Films, 2024


Hunky Dory juxtaposes scenes of animal life with images of human existence, observing the quirky and unexpected ways in which we are similar. The meticulously hand-drawn animation is a visual smorgasbord, moving and morphing in perfect time to the banjo music of Béla Fleck and his bandmates in My Bluegrass Heart.


Film Stills

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